Developed by Card Brand Executives, Engineered for Marketers Like You.

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View analytics in a way that is designed to make your data easy to understand, creating actionable insights that will improve the performance of your campaigns.


Seamless integration with chargeback prevention tools allow us to prevent potential chargebacks. Our algorithms and live monitoring investigates suspicious activity and stop fraudulent activity before it occurs.


Each response is specifically tailored for optimal recovery of lost revenue and to maintain the health of your merchant accounts. Field experts review chargeback trends and work directly with you to prevent future chargebacks.


Recover more revenue

AdTracktiv’s Chargeback intelligence Suite (CIS) has an unparalleled ability to position merchants to obtain the highest recovery rates in the industry. These powerful tools were developed by card brand executives and engineered for marketers like you.

Fully Integrated

Leveraging our streamlined system and direct integration with CRMs, Processors, and Gateways enables us process large volume of chargebacks, while providing uniquely tailored responses.

Customized permission levels

Give different employees/roles different level of access to your account.

Complexity made simple

Seamless integration with CRMs, processors and gateways.

Industry Experts

Use our powerful tools, chargeback experts and direct response specialists to protect and grow your business/p>

Always getting better

We’re always building tools to help protect your business and help it grow.

All the tools you need

Analytics, Dispute Resolution, Chargeback Prevention, Revenue Recovery, and more. - AdTracktiv makes it all easy

Let us help you grow your business

Our team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.

Insights at a glance

Real time reports with comparative analysis allow you to see how your business is improving

See it all at once

AdTracktiv provides a comprehensive, always-up-to-date view of your business - from real-time merchant account monitoring to fulfillment tracking

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